The lights have turned off for the woman who helped turn on colour television in Ghana.

And with the nation eyes fully fixed on a crucial elections next month, the deficit of national attention at the funeral of Eva Lokko will remain a grave injustice.

Eva Lokko was the last child but all her life she only did first things. The first satellite communication engineer, only female in an engineering team to install colour television infrastructure in 1985.

First female Director-General at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and the first PPP politician to have a female for a vice presidential candidate.
When young ladies were carrying make-up and small mirrors in their purse, Eva Lokko carried screwdrivers and soldering iron, her husband described meeting Eva in 1975.

There was none of the satisfied smile of her husband’s wedding day photo here today. Only a look of harassment, a beat-up man tamed by death.

“All this is a new place, with despair, near madness, the terrible wonder of Eva no longer a physical presence” Nii Bentsi-Enchill sobbed through the tribute until each word pounded out any little strength to continue.

He broke off for Eva Lokko’s daughter to take over the tribute that fires salvos at a so-called cabal of corruption that worked against her at GBC. They were “charlatans, hypocrites, liars and thieves”.

Eva Lokko re-joined GBC as the first female Director-General after spending about 13 years working with the UN. She grew anxious to serve Ghana after working with and in 50 countries while at the UN.