A lady simply identified as bimbo( not her real name) tells her unfurtunate experience during the weekend. Read below:

I visited Lagos and was slated to leave for Kaduna, so my sister asked me to get her ijebu garri because getting good Ijebu garri in the north was tough or unlikely.

I had flown Lagos to Abuja to connect KD by road. With my quarter bag of garri and luggage, I got to Zuba park dropped my things in the booth of the Peugeot and went to the front seat only for them to bring one passenger to join me at the front and I said no way in hell will I squash myself from Abuja to KD. So I alighted, got my things from the booth and joined another vehicle that accommodated one passenger only in front.

Smooth ride, I got home and my sis already had her plate and spoon ready to have her first drink.

She asked for her garri, I pointed at the bag and asked her to help herself while I rest. She called back at me and said she can’t find the garri” I thought she was joking and just ignored her”.

when I realised she wasn’t joking, I proceeded to check the bag myself because I had used a bagco sack to conceal the garri. Lo and behold, I checked the bag only to find millet and male cloths. Then it hit me that I must have mistakenly carried the wrong bag when I switched vehicles.

Ah! I started to sweat, owo ti jo na. I quickly rushed to kawo park with the hope that the person whose bag I took will also be looking for me.

For where, no sigh of this person and that’s how I went back home tired and disappointed. Since then lap my luggages if I can help it or place them on the floor of where I’m seated to avoid situations like this.

My story also made me remember a school mate whose bag was dropped off with another person’s load at the bus stop. She didn’t even know till it was time to alight at her house. The insults she received were out of this world o people blamed her for not keeping and eye on her luggage till someone else took it.

Can you imagine?

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