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Pls i need an advice:

 i have dated my gf for 7years when she was in SS1. for the years she do cheat on me, which when caught she will apologies, even got pregnant for some one thenshe abort it without me knowing, that was 3years ago, that same years she got pregnat for me, i ask her to keep it bcos of the luv, d my baby will b 2years next month, we had done our introduction but she is not staying witj bcos i have to pay her bride price.. 

The issue is that she nver stop cheating, btw Jan -May this year i have caught her with like 4 guys that had sex with her. recently her boss in d office is f.. king her, i confronted her, she deny it, i told her not to call me, her boss call me, i told her boss y f.. king my gf when u know u re married. the boss could nt deny it, all he said was i should 4get the past n accept my gf back bcos of the child, my gf rain cause on me bcos i told her she is cheating.

 Now she has accepted her doings, she want me to 4give her n give her another chance. i m confuse bcos of the baby, n what will i tell my parents, her parents knew every things arealdy. Pls i need an advice