Hey Amibo

Thanks for the good work.please post this under chronicles.I need you and my fellow bvs advice asap..

I met my man 3months ago from a mutual friend.I was at a terrible place when we met.I had just ended a relationship with my fiance so I was looking to start afresh.He told me intentions of not wanting to settle down before we met because of the heart break he had some years back from his fiance or wife cause they had done the traditional marriage but some few weeks to their wedding she ran away with their 4months old pregnancy and everything in his house,she later terminated the pregnancy so since then he closed his heart to women and faced God.

He’s a nice guy but has this jealousy traits and this is putting a lot of strain our relationship

He has never seen me with any other man,picked any other man’s calls but accuses me everytime of cheating.I go out with just him on weekends but never to his house cause we promised waiting till our wedding night.

I am not working presently so I go for interviews but I noticed each time I do,we quarrel because he doesn’t believe I went for interview.I have complained to his parents but they keep saying it’s nothing,it’s because he loves me.

I am scared of getting married to him because I don’t want it to get worse after marriage.

Can I marry a man who doesn’t trust me?

A man who is overly jealous over nothing and probably insecure and has refused to admit he has a problem.Would he change after we get married?my wedding is in a months time,do I cancel it?I am so scared,please your red pen Stella.

Thanks to everyone,please no insults please.