Good day Amibo
Thanks for a job well done…you are highly appreciated

I visit four blogs consistently, but I always visit yours last because I know i’ll stay on your page longest.

I don’t know if this will sound cool to another ear but I just want to let this off my mind and know other people’s opinion. It’s pretty weird though

I am a single 28 year old guy that finds myself attracted to older and many times, married ladies… I think it’s because I appreciate mature conversations, and the no-pressure to get married as usually found with single ladies… Also the fact that they are less demanding, I’m still trying to put my life together, spending anyhow right now is not wise for me… though I spend… I dont know.. maybe their body structure counts sometimes… I dont know exactly…I guess it’s just that I think they are less stressful and cool to be with…

I work with a married lady with kids…. she’s in her early 40’s I think, and her level on the job is faaaaaaaaaaar above mine, she can easily kick me out of the organization and vice influence good stuff for me on the job.

She’s beautiful, very cool and refined, articulate and smart… she can be shy, I think, and very reserved…she gives me butterflies sometimes…. n glaringly i’m crushing on her soooo bad, but they no born me well make I express such feelings… except she expresses interest…

I was in her car recently for the first time ever.. she chose songs by herself from her playlist, when a song is almost ending, she selected another…and they were all aphrodisiac…sexual…songs with content like ”I’m dying in silence”… ”just grab me”… ”come give or show me love”…”oyinkansola featuring Brymo” …e remain small make I get erection ontop the kinda songs she selected…If na me play those kind songs for babe under AC, she go tooo wet abeg… I don’t know if she was doin it intentionally for me…like trying to pass a message to me….or she was jus having fun ..enjoying herself

On the job, she tolerates me, has my back, supports and indirectly mentors me… she’s too cool to a fault.. I consciously try to make her smile anytime we have conversations, either on the job or random gist…but like I said she’s highly reserved and can be shy, I think

I wish she’ll just simply tell me she likes me… even if it’s not a sexual relationship…jus become my padi… I really like her… and sometimes imagine things… Lord help me… pardon my epistle

By the way,…I’m not in a defined relationship, but I think I have a spiritual conviction on who i’ll marry… I relate with this girl well… but there’s distance involved, she’s quite young and less exposed, and both of us are not ready yet… so I just keep her close…but no commitment until i’m 100% for marriage…

Pardon my epistle… mature ladies interested can reach out to you Amibo if they can relate with my person…asides that…please hide my identity.. thanks Amibo of life… I love you*

My dear this ur story no be here ooooooooooooooo…. If u ask me, I will advice u to concentrate on ur work n stop ringing the devil’s number cos when it starts hunting u back,… Amiboisland won’t be here to rescure u oooo