Many workers might be grinding their teeth and there may not be food on many tables in Imo State this season of Christmas due to unpaid salaries and pensions but the state will wear a spanking new look, which is alleged to have cost the government approximately N600 million.

Unconfirmed reports said the State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has earmarked the whopping sum for this year’s Christmas and New Year decorations, to spruce up every major road and roundabout to make the state look beautiful and attractive this festive period as IMO Carnival is ready to start next week.

        Its is also gathered that Civil servants in the state are been owed salaries ranging from 6months, 4months, 9months upwards depending on their ministeries and pensioners who seemed to hv been forgotten by the Okorocha led administration owed 19months, 23months, 27, 35months of pension depending on when one retired. 

As the romours went round, Amibo Island took to the streets to interview our Civil servants to know the actual state of things.

Speaking to Amibo Island correspondent, An elderly man identified as Opurum Sylvester spoke exclusively to us.

Am a retired teacher not just a teacher, I retired meritorious with level13 and also a Principal class2. I retired in 2012 but till now, my gratuity has not yet been paid.

In fact no pensioner in the state has receive gratuity since Okorocha came into power in 2011.

As am talking to you right now, Okorocha is owning me 26 complete months. There are some of us who are own more like 30months, 36months but the last time he managed to pay us, he paid just 65%. 

Do you know some pensioners received #15,000 as salary? Now tell me how much will someone whose salary is #15,000 received if 45%,of his salary is deducted?

I know of a pensioner whose pensions is not even up to #5,000. How do you these people survive?

No increments added toour pension yet the governor still has the mind to still deny us of our pay and on top of it, he still deducts from it.

He said;

Another pensioner who spoke to Us said;

           IMO state governor Anayo Rochas Okorocha has turned deaf ears. Can you believe that sometime last month, the governor gave us options of him paying off all our pensions but under the condition that it will be 30/70.

He will take 70% of the reward of our labour and give us 30%.

Is this imaginable?

I have wife and children in the university, how do I train them when am not been paid up till now.

I regret casting my vote for  Okorocha.

He is definitely the worst governor IMO state has ever had.
Hehehe…my governor!! my governor!!!

Where is that my people that was chanted and chorused all over the streets of this same state that lives in tears this day?

Dear sir, on behalf of Imolites, I honestly plea that you do the needful especially now that the President have released allocation for all the 36 states of the country for salaries and pensions.

At least now, I hope there won’t be any excuse for not doing the needful