A facebook user just lost her boyfriend, Ayo Dequan and she shared these heartbreaking message he sent to her pleading for forgiveness just few days before he died.

She wrote; “I Just Wanna Say I Love You So Much Dequan I Don’t Know What To Do Anymore You Was Always Here For Me EVERYTIME You Acted Like You Was Really My Daddy.

 It Hurt So Bad Knowing I Cant See You Again, touch You, kiss You, & Hug You. I Just Don’t Think I Can Stay Strong. We Had So Much Planned For Our Future. I Got Mad Every time You Wonted To Come To Chicago To Visit. I Just Really Wish This Was All A Dream It Feel So Fake Cause Its Like I Still Feel You Here I Still Feel You Near Me. You Was Everything To Me Men Just Why Dequan WHY ? Tell Me Some Let Me Know. Who Gone Treat Me Like You Did Nobody I’m So Lost For Words. Everything I Do Reminds Me Of You Cause We Did So Much Together & Been Thru Alot Of Shit Together. I Will Never Ever Forget You I Never Felt Like This Before I Love You So Much My Angel. I Miss You #De’QuanMyloBarnett”