A UK based gay man who is identified as Pagan has hacked off the penis of his former lover and intended to eat it.
Jerry Pagan, 32, told officers he confronted the 68-year-old victim, who has not been named, after they had unprotected sex.

Homeless Pagan had initially begun to discuss the incident with the victim calmly. But he then descended into a blind rage, bludgeoning the older man to death with a hammer , he told police.

Pagan then said he stabbed the victim several times before cutting off his manhood with a razor blade, which he intended to eat at a later date .
The attacker then spent the the next day at the victim’s house in New York with the corpse.

He was arrested a day later after they were called to reports of an assault at the victim’s home.

Investigators then found the victim’s battered body in the bath, with his severed penis placed in a plastic bag and left in the sink, according to sources

The cannibal is awaiting a court appearance, charged with murder.