A lady identified as Rachel has set the home of one pastor Isaac Shofolabo whom she is having an affair with ; killing his wife , two kids and a guest . The incident occurred around 1 a .m at 46 , Oladunni Memorial Street , Double Powerline, Ejibo Lagos state .
According to neighbors, Rachel who is their tenant, has been dating the pastor who is in charge of Celestial Church of God , Joy of the Lord Parish located inside the premises for five years. The pastor’ s wife , Mary Shofolabo, his children Taiwo, 19 , and Iredamola and a relative , Kazeem , 7 , died at the General Hospital, Gbagada where they rushed to for treatment .

Narrating what happened , a neighbour who wants to remain anonymous said ;

“ It is a terrible thing , very shocking. It happened around 1 am. It was Mama (the late Mrs Shofolabo ) that woke up other residents with her scream . I was in my own room when I heard her voice and came out . Coming out , I saw fire on her body and she was shouting that Iya Rachel has burnt everyone in her house . That she saw someone moving from her house and thought it was a thief. But when she looked from her window , she saw that it was Iya Rachel . Since they are not close , she screamed and asked her what she was doing in her house . She woke up the other children at home and told them she saw a thief moving round and when they tried to go through the door , they realised it was locked from the outside . It was when they were returning to their room that they heard the explosion and people started running . It was Mama that used her hand to break her window so that they can all come out from there . When I saw her , fire was on her body and she was shouting that we should go and help her children inside the house that Iya Rachel has set fire in her house . I got to the place and saw Taiwo , Segun , Elijah and one other person .

They were the ones who told me that Kazeem was still inside, at that time , the fire was very heavy and no one could enter . Neighbours started trying to put out the fire while some of us rushed them to Isolo General Hospital but they were rejected . We went to a private hospital and they said we have to deposit N200 , 000 . Since we didn ’ t have the money , we rushed to Gbagada General Hospital . There was no car and so, Mama and others were put inside tricycle , I stood by the edge of the tricycle , while Taiwo was carried on a motorcycle . By the time we got to the hospital , around 2 am, Taiwo was swollen . They started treating them and they were responding . Mama even told the doctor on duty what she saw and explained everything to him . But later in the day, she passed on and few minutes after her, Taiwo died too. Their father came back from vigil around 4 am and he saw what has happened . He followed some of the neighbours to the hospital to see them . The police was contacted that night. At the trauma and burns section of the Gbagada General , family members and sympathisers trooped in to see Segun and Elijah, who were severely burnt .

The surviving siblings , Bunmi , Felix and Kehinde corroborated the claim by the neighbours saying their mother narrated what happened in the presence of the doctor before she died . Weeping uncontrollably , Bunmi revealed , yesterday was her sister , Taiwo’ s 19 th birthday , adding that she was her colleagues at her work place had planned to celebrate it for her.

Bunmi said ’

“ Taiwo was very happy because it is the first time her birthday would be celebrated . At the saloon where she worked , her madam and colleagues had planned a celebration for her and she even called my cousin around

12 am on Saturday telling her of the dress code and her new dance step . We do not have anyone . Our mummy was our only support and now, she has been taken from us .

My daddy knew the woman over five years ago when she moved into our compound with her husband. But her husband left when he discovered that she was my father’ s lover . The woman has been causing problems for my mother. She was the reason I left the house . At a point, I told my mother to leave them that she should not put her mind in whatever they were doing . Yet , the woman was not satisfied. There was anniversary at the church on November 27 and people heard the woman complaining that my mother was overdressed and looking beautiful . That so , she could still look beautiful . They told my mother but she doesn ’ t take such things seriously . She didn ’ t read any meanings to it . Now, the worst has happened . We are crying for justice. We have reported to the police and we are begging them to investigate well because we know that something is not right . Let whoever was responsible for the fire and deaths of my mother , my sister , brother and Kazeem pay for it . We want justice . ”

Source : Nation News