Everyday for the thief!!!
This is a Blog Visitor Eye witness report.

”This armed robber was caught red handed in trans-ekulu in Enugu. He was about raping a married woman after robbing her and her neighbours. This same man robbed my family. Raped a family member and now his family are trying to get him released because they have power. He is currently cooling off at trans-ekulu police station.

This armed robber ugochukwu agu was caught red handed in trans-ekulu in Enugu state trying to rape a married woman after robbing her. She was able to hold onto him as he battered her till People came to help at about 4:30am on the 9th of December .

This same guy has robbed over 40 homes in the area. He normally carries a pump action and has a dark male accomplice who escaped. Some witnesses in the neighbourhood reported seeing a dark short male running at about 4:30am in the morning in the same area ugochukwu was caught,

He was caught with his Toyota Camry with the car filled in his victims valuables. His family members are trying so hard to get him released please spread the news. Over 50 people have identified him, he has raped many women in the area some were raped in front of their husbands at gun point. His full name is Ugochukwu Onugo Agu. He married last week”