Everton manager, Ronald Koeman has mocked Arsenal manager, Arlene Wenger following his team’s 2-1 victory over Arsenal.
Seamus Coleman and Ashley Williams headed goals canceled out Alexis Sánchez first half goal. The second goal was a point of contention as Wenger rightly pointed out that the corner which led to the goal should not have been awarded.

“It was not a corner,” said Wenger. “It was a wrong decision. I am really disappointed because Clattenberg was in a very good position to see that they headed the ball out.

It is not the first time we were unlucky with his decisions this season but overall I don’t want to talk about the referee.

“We have to look at ourselves, we lost the game. We started well and then maybe lost a bit of urgency.”

Koeman was not pleased with Wenger’s criticism of the referee as he said, “I’m not surprised because it’s the third [home game] in a row I won against Arsenal and three times in a row it was about the referee.