41-year-old Mario Perivoitos has died after
being attacked at home by his Staffordshire
bull terrier in front of a BBC documentary
crew. He was being interviewed by BBC for
a documentary believed to be about drug
use when the attack happened on Monday,
March 20th…

Mario was a computer expert and had two
masters degree but got involved with the
wrong crowd after the death of his father in
2007 and got worse after his mother, who
was suffering dementia, went into a care
home last year. He started using drugs
heavily and had rowdy drug users over often
and this led to his house being sealed by
the police for a period from February 22 till
May 21. The closure order prohibited
anyone except him from coming into the
house, which is why when he was screaming
for help, no one could get into the locked
house to help and when the police came
they had to use a crowbar to forcefully open
the door.
Mario was trapped inside his flat in Wood
Green, north London, screaming for help for
half an hour. Neighbors said he kept
banging on the door and screaming “take
the dog off me… I want to get out.”

The two filmmakers present phoned an
ambulance and soon paramedics and the
police arrived and fought to save Mario’s
life but he died two hours later at the north
London hospital where he was taken. He
was attacked at about 10:00 p.m. on
Monday and was pronounced dead at
around 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.
The filmmakers, who were in the flat when
the attack occurred, were interviewed by
police asking why they were in there despite
the closure order, but no arrests were