Earlier today, the media in UK and in
Nigeria were awash with the report of the
arrest and questioning of former assistant
captain of Super Eagles and Leicester City
football club player, Ahmed Musa. Musa
was invited over by the UK police on
suspicion that he beat up his wife at their
home this morning.
AMIBO went digging and we think we know
what happened. Apparently, Ahmed who has
been married to his wife and mother of two
children, Jamila, for years now, took to his
IG page yesterday to wish a certain lady a
happy birthday and uploaded her photo.
The lady is said to be Juliet Adeh Ujue and
according to rumours, he’s planning to
marry her as a second wife and being that
he’s a muslim, he’s allowed to marry more
than one wife.
The birthday message was said to have
infuriated his wife, who confronted him and
expressed her displeasure. Neighbors called
the police during a shouting match between
Police officers arrived and took Ahmed to
the station. He was released after some