A British DJ has been sentenced to a year
in jail by a Tunisian court after he played a
dance remix of the Muslim call to prayer in
a night club
DJ Dax J, who had already fled the country
was charged with public indecency and
offending public morality in the court case,
according to a BBC report.
He was said to have performed at the Orbit
Festival in a club located in the coastal city
of Hammamet on Friday and caused
controversy on social media after he played
a remix of the Muslim call to prayer at the
DJ Dax J later took to his Facebook page to
apologize after receiving threatening
messages from Muslims and was later
forced to delete his account.
During the court hearing, the court, however,
dismissed the charges against the nightclub
owner and an organizer of the event but
sentenced the DJ in his absence to a year in
The Tunisia’s religious affairs ministry in a
statement said: ‘Mocking the opinions and
religious principles of Tunisians is
absolutely unacceptable.’