According toMc Ogene (Imo Base Comedian) Hon. Uche Ogbuagu the formal SA on entertainment of Imo state is my brother, we held from the same local government (ikeduru LGA) but before God and man I prefer HonIrouno chukwnonye, who happens to be the current SA on Entertainment today

Iruno is a man who believes in encouraging others, who believes in helping one another, who believes in bringing youths together through entertainment,  A man who has changed the life of many comedians, music artists etc in Imo State today t, a man who looks for your interest before his, through him imo entertainers has been notified by the Government of the day.

To count but few, Hon. Iruno has done many things as SA on entertainment in Imo state. But when the same position was given toUche Ogbuagu how many people did he put smiles on their faces, His interest alone, That is why I did not wast my time to visit him alongside with my colleagues,……. Says MC OGENE.