Amazing pre wedding photos: DJ G-ICONS weds 6th January 2018 (THE ICONS’ 18)

Chima Charles Uwalaka aka Gicon is set to quit bachelorhood on Saturday, January 6, 2018 and has spiced it up with the release of these amazing pre-wedding photos.

Gicon who has been in Dj business for more than a decade is set to marry Miss Tochukwu Juan Ekwonna at Marks Cath Parish New Owerri, Recption at GREATWOOD Hotel Opp IBARI OGWA PH RD

He had earlier this year shared pictures of their engagement, showering praises on her bride to be and on Saturday January 6th, 2018, he will be saying ‘I do’ to the woman who has brought colour to his life.

TOAST: Look down o lord…
And on this couple, drop a blessed crown;
Be present at their table…
May your love be served fresh;
May they grow younger on one pillow;
For the heart that loves is always young.

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Tochukwu Juan Ekwonna:

It was a usual Sunday, normal routine with nothing particularly exciting. Carried away with the usual order of a typical church day, and lost in the frenzy of the hugs, greetings and paparazzi when I was tapped by this handsome young gentleman … “Hi, firstlady wants to see you” and that was it! My Romeo walked right into my life just by a gentle shoulder tap!

Dear Charles, as I pen this piece, I lay my heart bare in awe and gratitude to God for a union worth celebrating as ours.
I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, disappointments, decisions, and regrets. Today, I look back to realize that the past was worth it. Because if I had done one thing differently, I might never have met you. How else in this big good plus bad world would I have met someone like you?
Hey! It’s our day, and I want to have this moment for life.
When I count my blessings, I see you in more ways than one.
You’re my miracle.

You see, I’l know a lot people, but you stand alone as everything a friend truly represents. Even with all my wahala and doggedness, you still have your unique way around me.

Today, I profess my love and pledge my faithfulness to you before God’s people, to represent all that you desire as I stand on God’s perfection.

Cheers to us Sunshine. Our best years are here!

Chima Charles Uwalaka:

As the sun rises each day, it recalls the fond memories of that eventful day. It was you all along that I had prayed and longed for. You were the promise I held on to all along with so much faith that you would come through.

You were a friend turned sister, then lover, and then wife. How I admired your person… strong, confident, smart, resilient, hardworking, virtuous and God fearing.
Did I forget to say how much of a generous giver that you are. Your kindness amazes me.

Juan, you’re everything I desire and more, your love always looks good on me and I am so blessed that I have you in my life.
On my honor I promise to cover you, protect and love you more than the day before.
Nwanyi oma, My Queen, my charm, udara m, ugogbe m, elewe ukwu thunder! Lol… Thank you for believing in us against all odds and staying true to your words through the past eventful years.

Thank you for making me blessed among men.
I wish you could open and see through my heart to know how much I’ve got to say and how much love I’ve got for you…but hey! You are my heart.
We could go on and on…but words, ink and space would fail us.
Whatever the case…
Cheers to us baby, I love you in more ways than anyone can fathom…
You have my heart… forever!

Congrats To THE ICONS.