Being unique is very important in this game.

Take a look at Kenny black… He uses music for comedy(musicomedy).

I’m not on anybody’s side here but whether upcoming or not the organizer is supposed to show small love.

AY Live Owerri: AY Exchanges Words With DJ Paky After He Refused To Pay Him For Performing

Now I heard of lagalaga Fiesta… And I believe play didn’t pay all upcoming artist.

So karma is also working here… Don’t just force yourself into a show… Or a work place…

For instance the club I manage now…

They did their research and came up with me and called me all from lagos to come and manage the club..

It’s not by begging, I might have begged and ended up with peanuts as salary.

Know your worth and where your hand can reach..

Also when it comes to agreement, make it know let your 10k be 10k or 10m be 10m.

There might have not been an agreement between AY and DJ paky.

Even though DJ play is not the best we have in Owerri.

Let’s use slam(fat slam) for example, I know people how much he’s worth both in his talent and asset, he cannot go and be pushing himself just to perform.

AY vs Imo Artistes: The other side of the coin by Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

You will have to call him first. Make yourself known so that you won’t be rubbished in the industry.

There are millions of upcoming I’m the industry.

June last year, little Ahmed met me and my bro in shoprite in lagos and begged to rap for me.

After which I liked the rap and asked for his number but he didn’t have a phone I appreciated him, gave him just 5h at least I no call am for show.

But today little Ahmed is signed to Starboy records by Wizkid himself…

And given 10m for a start, still here upcoming…

That’s what luck can do for you… Stay woke and put your head in the game..

DJ smallzz